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100% Canadian manufacturing, from start to finish...

A little bit about us and our custom lighting and metalwork projects...

We’re a custom lighting and metalwork manufacturer just outside of Vancouver, BC. Karice – Crafters of Custom Lighting. We are designers and makers of custom lighting fixtures, pushing creative boundaries & crafting the unimaginable. Karice Enterprises Ltd. can bring your ideas to LIGHT. We have been designing and creating custom lighting and metalwork installations across North America since 1993. Our vast portfolio reflects a diverse client base from around the world. Most of our work consists of original handcrafted pieces, but we also welcome large production runs. Karice has the capacity and creativity to produce even the most challenging concepts with efficiency and excellence.

Karice about, custom lighting in process

Stunning Artistry

From large production runs to intimate art exhibits to major commercial developments, we pride ourselves in pushing creative boundaries and crafting what has never been done before.

Sophisticated Lighting, Metal Work and Architectural Metal Design

Our high quality standards and irreducible complexity speaks for itself. We craft custom pieces that are designed and engineered to be functional without compromising creativity. Our pieces are also beautiful without compromising efficiency.

Our Custom Lighting and Metalwork Process is Seamless from Design to Production

But equally as important as the end product itself is the custom lighting and metalwork production process. Our clients are looking for exceptional workmanship, but they’re also looking for an enjoyable partner to work with. Karice delivers both. We take great pride in our highly personalized approach, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Bring your ideas to life, we can manufacture just about anything you can dream up.

Whether it’s a prototype, a drawing, or just a concept, we have what you need to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Our Custom Lighting and Metalwork Manufacturing Team

Maurice Dery
Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Maurice Dery

With nearly 40 years of fabrication experience and over twenty years as a designer and manufacturer, Maurice prides himself on tackling the most challenging and innovative projects he can find. He has two Red Seal Certifications, as an Ironworker and a Machinist. Creating and crafting innovative, original designs is his passion.

Jordan Dery of Karice Enterprises
Project Manager & Designer
Jordan Dery

Jordan’s been in the artisanal manufacturing industry for over a decade. He loves finding creative solutions to clients’ challenges. He’s a Red Seal Machinist, manages the waterjet cutting operations, and is increasingly expanding his portfolio of original designs. For waterjet cutting and machining projects as well as design collaboration inquiries, contact Jordan!

Karen Dery of Karice Enterprises
Co-Founder & Account Manager
Karen Dery

Karen is an Artist with a knack for business. She was originally studying to become a Certified Decorative Artist but changed directions completely to became a Chartered Professional Accountant! It’s this unique blend of creativity and business acumen that she brings to Karice. For sales and accounting, contact Karen!

Our state of the art lighting and metalwork facility

One of the unique advantages we have here at Karice is our 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art lighting and metal work facility, which enables us to get your job done the right way. We can also fabricate our own parts which means clients get their projects finished in a timely manner.

Our Clients for Custom Lighting and Metalwork Manufacturing Projects