CNC Machining Services and Manufacturing Canada - Lathes, Mills, Routers and Grinders

With our CNC Machining centre we can create parts for you or manufacture intricate pieces with precision and speed.

CNC means computer numerical control. It is the process of using a computer to control machines. If you need a part made from scratch or have a component that needs modification trust the professionals at Karice. We have CNC lathing and CNC milling machines, plus 40+ years of combined Red Seal Machinist experience and a state of the art facility. We are able to produce unique pieces or long production runs.

Our Custom CNC Machining Operators are Equipped With the Right Tools and Decades of Experience – Our Process and CNC Machining Team are Unstoppable

Our experienced CNC Machine operators control several pieces of equipment including:

    • 3 axis CNC milling machine
    • 4 axisCNC milling machine
      • Both have a working envelope of:
      • 40 inches on X
      • 30 inches on Y
      • 20 inches on Z
  • CNC lathe machine
    • Has a working envelope of 8 inches in diameter
    • Has a distance between centres of 18 inches

Why Order Custom Parts In the Vancouver Region from a Professional CNC Machining Center?

Sometimes companies will try to “jerry rig” or create their own parts which can cause damage and in some cases become a safety hazard. When you choose a professional manufacturer in Canada like Karice to order parts from, you can be sure that they will fit, are safe to use and will last a long time. You will save time and money getting your parts made professionally.

Our CNC Machining Equipment – CNC Lathes, Mills, Grinders and Routers

Check out our CNC machining equipment by clicking on the images below. We are a full service CNC machining centre and also do custom lighting and metakwork at our manufacturing facility.

Contact Us for More Info About Our CNC Machining Services and Manufacturing Canada

If you need parts, a unique piece made or a large production run, contact us for more information about CNC machining. Our team of industry professionals, top of the line equipment and state of the art facility are unmatched. Trust Karice as your go to manufacturer in Canada for custom lighting, metalwork or parts. We can make anything and can’t wait to help you with your project!