Benefits of Chandelier Lighting – Modern, Rustic & Quality Comparison

Benefits of Chandelier Lighting – Modern, Rustic & Quality Comparison 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

There are many benefits of chandelier lighting. Not only do they create ambient lighting, but they’re also decorative pieces. Chandeliers can add a fancy touch, bring on the wow factor, create a focal point or set the tone in a space. Another bonus is that they won’t crowd your restaurant, shop or showroom as they are hung from the ceiling.

Benefits of Modern vs Rustic Chandelier Lighting – Explore the Various Types of Chandelier Lighting

Aesthetics-wise, limitless style possibilities are a big plus when it comes to custom lights, and chandeliers are no exception. Whether you’re in the market for upscale or more affordable / “cheap chandelier lighting, there are tons of options ranging from modern to rustic.

With modern chandelier lighting, think sleek and striking masterpieces – hanging works of art that usually combine metal and glass and feature clean lines and geometric forms. If you’re going for a lodge or cabin feel, rustic chandelier lighting can make that statement for you using materials like stained wood and metal. For added depth and an added country feel, finishes with a relaxed and rugged quality to them are great options.

Reasons to Buy Chandelier Lighting for Sale From a Custom Lighting Manufacturer Instead of Vendors Such as Costco and IKEA

Shopping at retail vendors like Costco and IKEA may be intriguing, especially if there is a sale, but those types of establishments are really best served for home and small office lighting. For a restaurant, retail space, showroom or shop you will need industrial grade design, materials, construction and installation to ensure the safety of your clients and customers. Choosing a skilled manufacturer like Karice will ensure that your chandelier lighting is durable and well maintained for many years to come. Karice also manufactures all parts needed for each job, right in house which adds to the durability. Manufacturing all parts in house also means turnaround times are much faster as parts do not need to be ordered. The dedicated, experienced team at Karice is a far superior choice for your establishment compared to cheap chandelier lighting design, production and DIY installation that is typically offered in retail chains. Another benefit of choosing a custom lighting and metal work manufacturer like Karice is that you can choose some materials and assist with the design process to create a chandelier that will be perfect for your space.

Experience the Benefits of Chandelier Lighting Fixtures in Your Restaurant, Retail Chain or Shop, Including Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – Contact us about our Chandeliers for Sale

Karice has been a custom lighting and metal work manufacturer for over 30 years and are an award winning industry leader. Rely on their master craftsmanship to create your very own custom chandelier and lighting fixtures. Chandeliers are perfect for restaurant dining rooms, hotel entrances, retail spaces, showrooms and anywhere where you would like to add a sophisticated touch; even outdoor lighting is an option. Check out the custom lighting collection by Karice – you can order any one of these you like! You can also have a custom chandelier made. Contact Karice today by email or by phone at 604-542-7137 and experience the benefits of chandelier lighting.