Brass Component Light Fixture – Custom Brass Chandelier – Design Collaboration

Brass Component Light Fixture – Custom Brass Chandelier – Design Collaboration 1024 768 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Every new light we build is a challenge. This custom brass light is no exception. The real work in creating any light is how the light works, how it is put together.  As Steve Jobs so succinctly put, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works”   Such is the case with this light fixture.   Many complex design details were done by the team at Karice to make this light fixture work.  The light fixture was a collaboration between Karice and a local lighting designer.  The vision, or concept was the local designer’s, but the product design is by Karice.  Without AutoCAD, without years of manufacturing know how, without the expertise of the team at Karice, this light fixture would cease to exist.  Similarly, one can have an idea for a novel, this does not make him a novelist.  It is the actual author who is the designer, creator and novelist.  Karice is the author of this light fixture.  Any subsequent lights are a reverse engineering process of the original model created in December 2014.

Custom Design, BRASS Light Fixture –  The Beauty of Genuine Brass Fabrication

There is nothing that can be compared to the use of genuine brass.  Brass plating and anodized aluminum are attempts to recreate brass, but there is nothing like the REAL thing.  The feel, the look is incomparable. The rich luster of genuine brass is an organic array of hues.

Custom Manufacturing and Challenges in Design

A lot went into this piece. Every single component of this chandelier had to be designed by team Karice from the ground up. The Y-connectors and T-connectors were first drafted in AutoCAD.  Preliminary prototypes were built in aluminum.  Once the final parts were approved, Karice went to work to make the parts using genuine brass.

Beautiful Brass Custom Light

In August 2014,  a local lighting designer approached Karice with the concept.  A Photoshop image was presented to us as seen below, with some rough approximate dimensions.  Karice designed and developed  the components from the ground up.  We started by drafting a 2D profile on AutoCad. Once the final scale was approved, we brought the part to our CNC machining center to make it into a usable threaded connector.



120025 Lischka Residence Lighting Package CONCEPTS_1


Once all of the brass components were completed, then the real fun began.  How do we make a light look like the photo?   This was literally an experiment in itself, since we had no formal drawings and no dimensions to work with.  We were only given a Photoshop image and a guide line of how big the light should be.  What length should the tubes be? We had no idea.   The light was literally a scratch build, completed in December 2014.

The work that went into this beautiful creation was beyond the call of duty.  Lead product designer and maker, Maurice poured his heart and soul into creating the masterpiece.  Every detail was not left to chance.

The end result was breathtaking.  A fellow acquaintance, businessman and mill worker commented that he had not seen such a beautiful finish on a light.  He had seen other competitors lights, and mentioned that their finishing did not measure up to what he saw on our shop floor.

Karice has only ever made one brass component light fixture as per this concept.  It now resides at a residential home in Calgary, Alberta.