Custom lighting installation for Caffe Artigiano

CAFFE ARTIGIANO – Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC

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New Custom lighting installation –  Box Interiors designed a beautiful custom lighting installation for the newly renovated Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal in West Vancouver.  An eight foot diameter lighting ring was the design concept brought to Karice by Box Interior Design.  The end result is spectacular a total eye catching feature to the cafe.  Our Caffe Artigiano project page shows more pictures of this custom lighting installation made for this location.

CUSTOM LIGHTING for Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal – Karice and Box Interior Design collaborate.

Tricia Link of Box Interior Design in Vancouver collaborated with Karice when bringing their lighting design to life for the newly renovated Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal.  The lighting concepts were drawn up by Tricia, and Karice went to work to see how to make the design work.  The concept included an 8ft diameter lighting ring that would suspend nine Rejuvenation Cedar & Moss 14″ pendants.  Faced with the challenge of enabling the lights to be re-lamped was one obstacle that had to be overcome.  Maurice came up with the idea of individual clamping brackets that held the pendant wires into place.  This eliminated the need to store excess wire in the ring that would be needed facilitate the re-lamping process.   Our next challenge was a bigger one.  We had completed our shop drawings, and asked the question, “will the eight foot ring fit through the door?”  Unfortunately the cafe was equipped with only a single door.  This obstacle would make it impossible to fit an eight foot diameter ring through the door.  Back to the drawing board, Karice redesigned the light so that it would come apart in three pieces. Once shop drawings were approved Karice went to work to build the ring.

AutoCAD was used to draft up the shop drawings for this lighting installation.  Pieces were cut on our Omax Water Jet Machining Center.   Using solid sheet aluminum the light was crafted with three layers and three sections.  Each section joins together using overlapping joints and fasteners.  A unique canopy was also built for the project.  A unique clamping mechanism was built into the canopy that would clamp all nine pendant wires to keep them taut once the light was hanging.  This is another service the team a Karice offers.  Always trying to think all possible outcomes that will occur from an installation such as this.

Once the lighting ring was completed a pre-assembly was completed on our mezzanine.  This is one step that we always complete.  Pre-assembly assures that our product will fit in its final home.

Box Interior Design has also posted photos of this project on their website and can be viewed HERE.


Custom 8ft ring for Caffe Artigiano

Custom bespoke lighting for Caffe Artigiano

Custom lighting installation for Caffe Artigiano

Caffe Artigiano Custom Lighting Installation at their Park Royal location




Caffe Artigiano in process photo of cnc programming

Caffe Artigiano in process photo of cnc programming


Caffe Artigiano pre-assembly on mezzanine

Caffe Artigiano pre-assembly on mezzanine



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