Shattered Light - Mosaic Geometric Light

Custom Lighting Installation – Earls Tyson’s Corner: Custom Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Installation – Earls Tyson’s Corner: Custom Lighting Design 1024 417 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Earls Tyson’s Corner was an epic project! Karice produced four separate lighting concepts, involving innovative LED technology. The main feature, a Dining Room Custom light for Earls Tyson’s Corner is an amazing custom lighting design that was 38-feet by 16-feet and featured fifteen individual geometric channel LED lights suspended at different heights.  The lighting installation is a masterpiece, a work of art, and looks stunning with the wood ceiling above.

The Lighting Installation was similar to the Geometric light for Earls Assembly Row in Boston, Massachusetts, with minor changes in visual design. Both were design/engineered by Karice in collaboration with the award-winning design team at Earls Kitchen + Bar and a local lighting designer.

Earls loved what we had done for them in Boston, and wanted a new installation with a similar look. Based on that project, Karice went to work to build a new installation. Once contracted to build the light for Earls Tyson’s Corner, Karice utilized a previously designed custom lighting channel that was ideal for this project, which enabled us to produce a higher quality product. The channel used for the project was a custom, proprietary to Karice, aluminum extrusion.  The channels were cut to size, and carefully welded together to create the geometric shapes in the lighting design.  The channels were fitted with LEDs to create energy efficient lighting.

The project started in the spring of 2014 with the quoting and design process.  Final shop drawings were finally approved and fabrication for the project started in the spring of 2015.  Once completed, the 15 individual lights were packed into two large crates, and shipped out to the restaurant in June of 2015. We were extremely happy with the end results.  It was an honor to work on this project to bring Earls design team’s vision to life.

Shattered Light Earls Tyson's Corner

This contemporary design geometric light can be viewed at 7902 Tysons One Place, Tysons, Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.).