Brass and Stainless Steel Stair for Whistler Client

Brass and Stainless Steel Railing
  • 30ft Stainless Steel Guard Rail
  • 30ft stair installed on site
  • Brass Pans for Stair

Brass and Stainless Steel Stair for Whistler Client – our most challenging build to date.

Linden Construction working on a private home in Whistler employed the services of Karice to build the most challenging staircase we have ever made.

The design by Evoke Interiors and Linden Construction was brought to Karice in the summer of 2017.  Our first task was to rework the drawings to ensure things would work.  Many little details had to be considered.  As the stair treads were to be heated, consideration was given to the heat tape, and electrical load and location of wiring.

The tread design included a solid brass pan, fabricated with 1/4″ thick brass plate.  A heavy duty steel jig table was built solely for the purpose of fabricating the brass treads.  As the designers wanted only sharp edges, the tread had to be fabricated and not break formed.  The base and sides of the treads were cut on our OMAX water-jet machining center.

Brass is not easily welded, so welding procedures were developed to accomplish the task.  We found that even the brand of welding rods affected our results.  So care was made to select only certain welding rods.

After welding came the tedious task of polishing the brass.  Because brass is only available in a mill finish, many hours of manual labor were spent polishing the stair pans.

Stainless steel treads were also made to fit inside the brass pans.  The stainless pans were made to hold the brass, and attach into the wall and guard rail.

The 30 foot guard rail fabricated out of solid 1/2″ thick 316 grade stainless steel was another challenge.  The guard rail was made from three pieces of plate spliced together.  To accomplish this task, a steel tubular framework was made to support the guard rail as it was moved through out its manufacturing process and transport to the powder coaters and job site in Whistler.

Brass and Stainless Steel Railing

LINDEN CONSTRUCTION - Brass and Stainless Steel Railing.

Exterior railing made with brass and stainless steel.

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