Brass Component Light Fixture

Brass Light Fixture

The Brass component lighting fixture is a masterpiece light fixture that Karice designed and crafted in collaboration with a local lighting designer. Many complex design details were engineered here at Karice to bring this lighting creation to "LIGHT" Karice was presented with a conceptual sketch, but using the tools of the trade, Karice was able to design and develop all the components that went into this light. This light is a custom light piece made from 100% genuine brass.

The work that went into this beautiful creation was beyond the call of duty. Lead designer and maker, Maurice poured his heart and soul into creating the brass component light that now resides at a residence in Calgary, Alberta. Every detail was not left to chance.

Karice has only ever made one Brass component light fixture as pictured. It is a unique, one of a kind piece of Art.