The Cascade canopy chandelier can be seen in the bar area of Earls Assembly Row in Boston, Massachusetts, next to the Geometric Light in the dining room.

Once a concept sketch was developed, Karice went to work bringing this project to life. We were able to save costs and time with the Cascade chandelier by using canopies Karice had previously developed in-house. The basic structure consisted of three units for the light to be suspended, and the canopies were modified and wired to include 54 cascading brass pendants, plus 18 Aurora LED puck lights from DaSal.

The brass pendants were custom designed and manufactured by Karice. Using our CNC lathe, we machined domed brass socket covers and female threads inside the brass tubes. A brushed finish was applied to all of the brass components. Lastly, the lights were wired with incandescent sockets, and showcased T8 bulbs for illumination.

Karice managed this project from start to finish. The first step was to create preliminary shop drawings, then draft detailed engineer-stamped drawings. Once approved, Karice went to work with the manufacturing process. After the light was built, custom crates had to be designed to ship the fixture across the continent to Boston. Meticulous care was taken in the packaging process to prevent damage in transit.

The concept was a collaboration between Earls’ design team, Matthew McCormick, and Karice. Design, engineering, and manufacturing by Karice.