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Geometric Light

The Geometric Light was a collaborative effort in 2014 between a local lighting designer, Earls Design Team and Karice.

Working together with the Earl's design team and a local lighting designer in 2014, Karice help realize the vision and create two iterations of this lighting, including creating a custom substructure and addressing numerous site-specific, engineering and fabrication challenges, including building on the first design by using an aluminum extrusion in the second iteration of this light. A big obstacle we had to overcome in the development of this light was the site conditions in Boston. There were so many mechanical obstructions in the ceiling that it would be impossible to hang each of the twelve geometric lights individually. So we went to work to design a tubular support structure that could support the twelve geometric lights, plus be installed on the site and avoid all the obstructions in the ceiling. Earls' Kirsten Bray was amazing in this regard. She was able to provide us with the exact site measurements that would enable the installation of the lighting support structure. We were then able to draft the detailed drawings needed by the engineer for approval.

Once the approved drawings were in place, our team here at Karice crafted this amazing lighting installation. Custom aluminum channels were formed and welded. Frosted acrylic diffusers had to be cut and fit precisely to each geometric shape. The intent was for a continuous diffused illumination, so each light was created without a seam. For a perfect fit, we sanded each piece of acrylic to ensure we had perfect results. Then each of the geometric lights were sent off for powder coating.

Once the pieces were back from finishing, the detailed and labour-intensive process of installing the LEDs began. We drilled and tapped the channels so that we could install plastic retaining clips. This ensured double protection for the installation of LEDs - we didn't want to rely solely on the adhesive.

After the twelve lights were assembled, we began the process of assembling the entire light structure. This was no easy task, considering the structure was 33-feet by 16-feet! We had to purchase many chain falls that we used in conjunction with HSS tubing to suspend the light from our upstairs assembly area.

It took many days of wiring the lighting structure so that we could provide a plug and play scenario for the installers in Boston. This involved meticulously labelling each element of the structure, with written assembly instructions. After UL testing was completed, the lights were carefully packaged for their final home in Boston, to be installed at Earls Assembly Row.

An alternate rendition of the Geometric Light can be seen at Earls Tyson's Corner, in Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.). The one for Tyson's Corner was also a design collaboration between the three parties, with the drafting, engineering, and manufacturing done by Karice.