Earls Glenarm (Denver)

  • Dodeca in genuine brass Earls Denver Glen Arm
Earls Glenarm (Denver, CO)

Karice manufactured a wide variety of lights for Earls Glenarm location in Denver, CO: an original brass & steel swivel light, an inverted pendant concept for the main dining area, and the Original and first ever built DODECA light fixture.

The project began as a design collaboration between Earls design, Karice and Matthew Mate Lighting (now Matthew McCormick Design.) In order to bring the client's brass and steel lighting concept to life, we had to create an original swivel - made of brass (one of the hardest materials to work with). This was a fun challenge, that we believe turned out great (and so does the client!).

For the inverted pendant lights in the dining room, Karice had to design and develop a custom lamp holder to install two T8 incandescent show case bulbs vertically. A quantity of ten, five lamp pendants were made for this location. The bulbs were suspended a three different elevations.

Our biggest challenge on this project was to design and create the first, ever built Dodeca. The story of this light begins in the spring of 2014. More details about this light fixture can be read in our project "DODECA". The concept originally began with the Earls Design Team, who collaborated with Karice and Matthew. The difficulty with this light was crafting it using genuine brass. The end result was stunning and spectacular.