Earls Shephard Custom Lighting and Industrial Metal Screens

Karice and Earls Design Team Collaborate on custom lighting installation for Earls Shephard
  • Custom Industrial Wall Sconces
  • Dining Chandelier - Vintage Industrial Design
  • Custom Industrial Metal Screens
  • Custom Industrial metal screens
Earls Shephard - Custom lighting Installation and Decorative Metalwork for their Calgary location.

Earls Design came to Karice with their design ideas for their Shephard location in Calgary, Alberta. Custom lighting designs were proposed for the dining area of the restaurant. A huge chandelier was designed and crafted by the team at Karice. The huge installation is 14ft x 14ft and suspends ninety industrial style pendant lights. The large canopy system supporting the lights was designed to come apart in six sections to facilitate shipping and install. The project also included (x3) vintage, industrial wall sconces. Using genuine Hobart whisks, a unique lighting fixture was created.

The project also required custom architectural metalwork. Again, industrial styled metal screens were crafted to create dividers in the restaurant.

The design team at Earls was successful in executing their vision for the new Shephard location in Calgary, Alberta.

Photography by Ed White