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  • Dodeca in genuine brass Earls Denver Glen Arm
  • Dodeca Light Fixture suspended on our mezzanine

The story of the Dodeca begins in the spring of 2014. The concept originated with the Earls Kitchen + Bar design team, who hired Matthew Mate Lighting to collaborate on this design concept with Karice. The intent was to create a large, faceted, multi-ring light feature to be hung in the front entrance of Earls Glenarm location in Denver, Colorado.

The original Dodeca was crafted using genuine brass sheet. This choice of material presented some serious challenges. Generally speaking, brass is not an easy material to work with - it is not a metal that is typically welded (and for good reason!). Brass is also a very expensive material. It was decided to proceed with thin gauge brass, which would be mounted onto a steel sub-frame.

Through much testing, the Karice team was able to successfully develop a method to weld the exterior brass of the Dodeca. This ensured no visible seams on the exterior of the light fixture.

Illumination was another challenge, as the Dodeca's light points inwards. Careful consideration to the use of LEDs played into the original shop drawings to create light without hotspots and an evenly diffused light.

The end result was spectacular! The Dodeca is a beauty: simple, elegant, and very classy. Its success led to many further production runs, with further refinements accompanying each successive project.

All fixture design, product development, and manufacturing of the Dodeca was completed by the Karice team at our facility. Powder coating and other finishing methods were outsourced to local vendors.