Earls Dadeland (Miami)

Earls Dadeland (Miami)

Earls Design came to Karice with their design concept for a massive chandelier. (The size of this lighting installation is 24-feet by 12-feet by 9-feet high!) Karice was put to the task of bringing this design concept to reality.

The chandelier included 12 sections and 156 bulbs hung at three elevations using horizontal layers of aluminum 4-inch by 2-inch tubing. It was a wiring nightmare! Incandescent G16.5 bulbs were used, and we had to custom machine the socket covers with domed tops.

How do you ship a light like this? We had to ponder that! Special crating had to be designed, with special tiered plywood structures built to package the cascading layers of lights. It was then shipped in four crates.

For installation in Miami, we supplied stamped engineered drawings and wiring schematics.

Later, Karice worked with Ricky Alvarez of Tinto Creative to build his Art Installation for the new Earls location in Miami. This project involved an intricate lattice wall that was 20-feet long by 20-inches wide by 6-feet high. Karice design engineered and supplied the structure, brass and steel tubes that supported the wood blocks that created the beautiful Art Nouveau Masterpiece.