Romer’s Burger Bar – Lighting Design Port Moody

  • Starburst LED Edison Bulb Steel Chandelier
  • Romers Starburst Chandelier close view
  • Romers Burger Bar steel pendant
  • 5ft diameter chandelier Romers
  • Romers 8-light chandelier

Romer's Burger Bar - Lighting Design Port Moody

Lighting Design Port Moody - We had a lot of fun designing lighting fixtures for Romer's Burger Bar. From the first time we saw Robert Clark's concept of this restaurant, we fell in love with what he was doing. Romer's Burger Bar in Port Moody, BC is a breath of fresh air. The warm and welcoming atmosphere truly feels like a place you want to take your friends.

Lighting Design Concepts - Steel Shade Pendant, Dining Chandelier, Bulb Chandelier and Starburst Lighting Feature

Four lighting concepts were developed for this project: an Edison bulb LED steel shade pendant, a 5-foot diameter LED candle bulb dining chandelier, an eight-spoke LED Edison bulb chandelier, and a 5-foot diameter "Starburst" LED Edison bulb lighting feature.

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