Earls Tin Palace (Calgary)

  • Earls CTP chandelier custom lighting
Earls Tin Palace (Calgary)

Earl's flagship location in Calgary underwent a major renovation in 2013 after severe flood damage. The Earls design team had great dreams for the new design. Custom Lighting features were high on the priority.

Glass linear pendants using exposed Edison bulbs was one of the first concepts developed by the Team. Karice designed and manufactured the pendants as seen in the new location.

Additional lighting installations were also required in the restaurant. A design collaboration between Earls Design, Karice and Matthew Mate Lighting meant new lighting in the Dining and in the bar.

Karice developed and designed a thirty pendant light installation for the bar area. Using previously developed lighting designs, an aluminum canopy system was built to support the 30 pendants. Each pendant was made with a genuine brass shade that was mounted to a black top plate. The bulb and custom socket covers were then mounted to the underside of the brass shades. The lights almost resembled brass cymbals. As each pendant was suspended at a different elevation, an array of illuminated brass cymbals resulted.

The dining light installation was used to develop lighting using linestra bulbs. A quantity of nine, five-light fixtures, suspended at four elevations were designed and manufactured for the dining area.

In February 2014 the newly renovated Earls re-opened. What a grand splash the restaurant presented. Design Quarterly Magazine published an article about the fantastic job the Earls Design Team had accomplished.