The Langhorne Collection by Luke Lamp Co.

  • Machined End Cap for rope light
  • Custom machined two way connector
The Langhorne Collection by Luke Lamp Co.

The Langhorne Collection is a line of ingenious and original light features by Luke Kelly of Luke Lamp Co. in Mamaroneck, New York.

When we connected, Luke was making the lights himself but wasn't completely satisfied with the various components he was using to produce it.

The Karice team was able to improve Luke's rope light by CNC machining custom ends and links to allow for effortless sculptural customization. The machined components were designed and manufactured by Karice, using custom anodized aluminum. Not only did it improve the functionality, but it also refined its beauty.

Karice featured one of Luke's rope lights at BuildEx Vancouver 2016, and it proved to be the star of the show! Since the fixture is easily reconfigured, people couldn't resist the urge to interact with it. It is truly an original!