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Interior Design Magazine Spring Market Tabloid showcases our CUBE Light

Interior Design Magazine CUBE

After designing and building the internationally award-winning ‘DaVinci Lighting Collection, Maurice Dery of Karice felt challenged to go back to a project he began envisioning in 2016. The CUBE light is inspired by the Rubik’s cube, a universally renowned puzzle, and the fun and joy of watching his grandchildren play and build with carefree abandon. Maurice wanted to create a light that was bright and playful in colour and also in form. CUBE is very relatable — its pure and simple design. The cube is the essential building block of structural learning and experimental design which begins at a very young age and stays with us through all our lifelong journeys.

This Karice signature design is based on a simple concept, yet it is executed with exquisite craftsmanship, locally in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

CUBE is an artful piece of design and craftsmanship that would captivate from the gallery to the boardroom — and every punctuated space in between.

Karice designs, develops and manufactures custom premium lighting, focusing on a modern aesthetic enhanced by the latest technological innovations. Their vast portfolio reflects a diverse international client base and includes many award-winning signature Karice luminaires. A strong segment of their collection also consists of custom, client-oriented collaborations — from art pieces to larger production runs. Karice has the capacity and creativity to produce the most challenging concepts with true craftsmanship, efficiency and design excellence.

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Our CUBE light is another variation of our every growing lighting collection.  Stunning artistry. Sophisticated design. Seamless process. That’s the Karice way, and what we’ve experienced with all our clients. For more information about us or to see how we may collaborate with you or build custom lighting works for you, contact us by sending us an email or calling us at 604-542-7137.