Taste of Life Magazine – Artisan Gallery Jan-Feb 2018 Page 34


Taste of Life Magazine – Artisan Gallery

Taste of Life Magazine – Artisan Gallery Jan-Feb 2018

The artisans at Karice pride themselves on being able to turn the most imaginative and far-fetched ideas into tangible works of art.

One customer wanted a huge lighting fixture with industrial appeal.  Karice created an 11-by-45-foot chandelier including faux piping and elegant, yet cage-like metal light coverings.

Karice’s artisans have made glowing rings that appear to float in thin air, illuminating 360 degrees. They’ve crafted an artistic replica of a famous ancient tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, using ingenuity to make aluminum do things they weren’t sure were possible.

– Maurice L. Dery, Karice

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