Sneak Peak to Da Vinci

Da Vinci Collection – Inspired by the Renaissance Man

Da Vinci Collection – Inspired by the Renaissance Man 900 549 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Da Vinci Collection – Inspired by the Renaissance Man.

Da Vinci Collection – Inspired by the Renaissance Man.

The Da Vinci Collection is inspired by one question: if Leonardo, the great Renaissancian, were alive today, how would he incorporate 21st Century technology into his designs?  Over the last ten months, this has been Karice’s inspiration and guide in creating this handcrafted luminaire series.

Luxury Home and Design Show – 2018

At the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show, the Italian Renaissance is re-envisioned,  and when it came time to look for our inspiration, the choice was simple – Leonardo Da Vinci.  For Maurice Dery, co-founder and lead designer at Karice Lighting, the mission quickly became clear: to make use of mechanisms produced by Da Vinci to play with light, to make light move many different directions.  The team at Karice has created especially for the show a fixture that uses a pulley, combined with mirrors and magnifying glass, to create a dynamic play of light.

Booth Display – Partner with Kalu Interiors

Karice has worked with KALUInteriors to create this space, reminiscent of Da Vinci’s study.  It combines old and new elements.  For example, its brass components have an Old World feel, but, innovation is represented in new materials, such as the Mirror Flex Wall Coverings provided by ODYSSEY Wallcoverings.  The central chandelier, created by Karice, is the primary light source; using magnifiers, it bounces light throughout the space to compliment the reflective gold wall coverings, the extravagant porcelain slabs provided by LAMINAM Stone Tile, and the beautiful authentic antiques provided by SCOTT LANDON ANTIQUES.

We are so thankful to our Sponsors

We would not be able to do this display without the help of our many LHDS sponsors.  Special thanks to Kalu Interiors, Best Builders Ltd., Diffusion Lighting, Laminam Stone Tile, Mirian Aroeste, Odyssey Wallcoverings, Project X and Tall Tree Construction.

Karice is excited to try anything new and different.

Karice has been a custom lighting and metal work manufacturer for over 30 years and are an award winning industry leader. We are always excited to try any thing new and different.  All lighting designs in the Karice collection are original.  All of our product line is handcrafted and made in house. Check out the custom lighting collection by Karice– you can order any one of these you like! You can also have a custom unique lighting design made. Contact Karice today by email or by phone at 604-542-7137 and experience  lighting designed especially for you.