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The Darc Decorative Lighting Awards

The Darc Awards Decorative is a unique concept utilizing mondo*arc and darc magazine’s reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world. It’s time to vote for the best products of Darc’s Decorative Lighting Awards for 2017!  Our entry is in the Bespoke category and can be viewed HERE Be sure to check out all other nominated entries before casting your vote.

Voting is open from April 3rd – 18th, 2017.   Only independent designers are eligible to vote. Go through all the entries on the Darc website to make your choices. Once you have decided on your favorite entry from each category then go to to register and cast your votes. You get one vote per category – you simply choose your favorite.

Karice’s Shroom Pendant is one of the submissions in the “BESPOKE” category.

The Story behind the SHROOM light

Kalu Interiors approached Karice in April 2016 to help them with their IDS Vancouver Central Bar display. They needed lighting for their display, and came to Karice to design and supply the custom lighting. The theme planned was Alice in Wonderland. We were given the project carte blanche, so this is when the real fun began. Lead designer at Karice, began contemplating the story of Alice, and one night while sitting in the bathtub, design innovations began to populate the mind of our master designer, Maurice L. Dery. The idea of huge mushrooms began to take hold. And so began the journey to create ‘Shroom.

Shroom is an interesting take on a Pendant lighting fixture. Using thin gauge aluminum shapes, the mushroom gills, thirty in all, form the unique shape of our light. Shroom is an LED pendant light fixture that illuminates from both its inner core and a down light. The illumination from within casts a unique play of light onto the aluminum gills. A beautiful array of colors results from the glow of its inner core. The light is also equipped with an MR11 down light. This enables the light to be used for task lighting.

A mushroom shape is not your typical lighting fixture. Travelling on a whimsical theme, the gills of a mushroom heavily influenced our design. Our design began by using Auto-CAD inventor to create the light fixture shape, using the constraints of a 50.8 mm diameter center core. Once the shape was finalized, more detailed drawings were drafted. The aluminum gill shapes were cut on a water jet machining center using thin gauge aluminum sheet material. The details of the top and bottom caps were drafted in Auto-CAD mechanical. CNC programs were written to produce the machining of the top and bottom caps. The caps were designed to enable mounting of the LED’s, the center lighting diffuser, and hold all 30 aluminum gills. Once all of the components were made, the parts were sent out for anodizing. The lights that exhibited at IDS Vancouver in September 2016, were finished in a light gold anodized finish. This color resembles the currently popular brass, only at a more affordable price point.

The light is 596.9 mm diameter and 406.4 mm high. The light is constructed using aluminum, acrylic and energy efficient LED’s. The light is suspended using aircraft cable. A coaxial wire is used for power, thus giving the illusion that the light is floating in mid air.

Darc Award Categories

The entries on the Darc Awards website can be seen in the following categories as follows:


Shroom Light

Shroom Light as captured in BC nature.

Shroom LED Pendant

Shroom LED Pendant

Shroom at Central Bar Diplay

Shroom photographed in situ at the IDS Central Bar Display

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