Custom Floating LED Chandelier – The Diamond Luxennea

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Our custom floating LED chandelier, The Diamond Luxenna was fabricated by Karice Enterprises LTD. We are a custom lighting manufacturer in BC. The Diamond Luxennea chandelier is inspired by geometric shapes and the Florentine Diamond. Photos presented are of our two-tier Diamond Luxennea Light.

Large Scale Custom Chandelier – 9 Sided Geometric Shape

Inspired by geometric shapes, Karice began the process of developing this large scale custom chandelier. A nonagon or enneagon is a closed plane figure made up of nine equal sides.  Like the “Florentine Diamond”, both the Diamond Luxennea and the famous stone have nine sides.

Why We Named this Custom Chandelier “Lux”

Lux is the latin word for light and LUX is also known as a standardized unit of measurement of light intensity. This light fixture’s namesake comes from the words Lux and Enneagon.

Unique Outward and Downward Illumination for Maximum Light

We love the nine sided shape, as this offers much visual interest. Some of our most recent creations have their illumination pointing inward. Although beautiful, this arrangement does not always emit the greatest amount of LUX / light.  With careful consideration given to creating a greater amount of LUX, we decided to have the illumination on this light fixture pointing outwards and downwards.

Inspired by the facets in a diamonds, we had the sides of the Diamond Luxennea pointing down at 45 degrees. This arrangement gives the illusion of a greater amount of faceted sides.

Diamond Luxenna Custom Chandelier Design – Large Scale Light Fixture Manufacturer

The Diamond Luxennea is yet another original chandelier design by Karice Enterprises Ltd. Our vast experience in creating large scale light fixtures and lighting installations was put to use.

The enneagon shapes are seven foot and five foot diameter. We have photographed the Diamond Luxennea on top of a Porsche 911 Carrera so that one is able to grasp the large scale of this lighting creation. The hanging height of each light was meticulously set. A continuous visual line is evident from one light to the other.

Aluminum Extrusion, TIG Welding and Bending Create a Seamless and Precise Floating LED Chandelier

Utilizing design innovations developed by Karice from previous projects, we were able to make the Luxennea Diamond Light Fixture come to life. Karice’s own unique custom aluminum extrusion was once again put to use to make this awe inspiring light fixture. Carefully TIG welded and blended in, we were able to achieve a seamless construction. We have used energy efficient LEDs as the Diamond Luxennea’s primary light source. Suspended by aircraft cables the Diamond Luxennea literally appears to be floating in the air. Our floating LED chandelier is truly a work of art.

All fixture design, product development and manufacturing of the Diamond Luxennea were completed at the Karice facility, by Karice employees. The powder coated finishing was outsourced to local vendors.

Contact Us to Order Your Very Own Custom Diamond Luxennea Custom Floating LED Chandelier

If you would like to order your very own custom floating LED chandelier, The Luxenna, or to have a custom chandelier manufactured please contact us by calling 604-542-7137. We look forward to designing and fabricating an original piece just for you.