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Faceted Light

Faceted Light 1024 410 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

This faceted light is a simple and elegant design that we are very proud of. It has taken on a life of its own and gained significant notoriety, so we thought it’d be worth making public the story that led to this beautiful creation…

The story begins in March 2014.  The concept originated with Earls Restaurants’ design team, who had hired a local lighting designer to collaborate with Karice to create a large, faceted, multi-ring custom light to be hung in the front entrance of Earls Glenarm in Denver, Colorado. 


ABOVE: Sideview of original shop drawing.

The original concept brought to Karice involved eleven brass rings ranging from 3-1/2 to 9-feet round, with 24 to 26 facets (so essentially a circle with edges). Although it was a cool concept (really cool, actually!), Karice knew it would be prohibitively expensive to build, so in the initial shop drawings Karice reduced the 24-26 facets down to nine facets per unit. However, in the final shop drawing submission Earls and the local lighting designer persuaded the team to increase it to twelve facets. (Due to budget cuts, instead of eleven rings only one 4-foot diameter ring was built, which was installed in Earls Glenarm’s party room, rather than the main entrance.)


ABOVE: First shop drawing. Aerial view of the 9-faceted eleven rings.

In July 2014, Karice began building the first faceted ring light. It was crafted using genuine brass sheet – a very difficult material to work with, which presented a whole new set of challenges. Not only is brass nearly impossible to weld, it is also very, very expensive. Knowing this, Karice recommended – and proceeded with – thin gauge brass mounted onto a steel sub-frame.

The manufacturing process of the faceted light was very challenging, both the metalwork and lighting required refined craftsmanship. Through extensive testing, Karice was able to develop a method to weld the exterior brass of the faceted light in such a way as to eliminate visible seams on the exterior of the light fixture. For the light itself, as it illuminates only the inner face of the fixture (pointing inwards), careful consideration was given to the use of LEDs to eliminate hotspots and ensure the light was diffused evenly.

The end result was spectacular. The faceted light is a beauty: simple, elegant, and classy. Earls was very happy.

The local lighting designer liked it, too. In the Spring of 2015, Karice manufactured two new versions of the Faceted light for the local lighting designer: three 3-foot diameter lights for Evoke Design (Vancouver, BC) and three 6-foot diameter lights for Deerfoot Mall (Calgary, AB). That summer, we revised the design even further, as the local lighting designer wanted a sleeker, thinner, more refined look. New shop drawings, and new design innovations and manufacturing processes were crafted by the team at Karice for the six new custom lights that were shipped to the new Cactus Club Cafe in Toronto and a single Faceted fixture for the new Kit and Ace store on 4th Ave in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  A final version was made for the local lighting designer in October 2015, for the LAMP (“Lighting Architecture Movement Project”) International Lighting Design Competition in Vancouver, BC.

Although the concept began with the Earls design team, the end product had little similarity to the initial idea. Karice’s development of the faceted light went so far beyond the scope of this project that Karice actually created an entire series of original lights using the intellectual property they created.

All fixture construction design, product development, and manufacturing of the Faceted light were completed by Karice Lighting at the Karice facility in Surrey, BC.  Powder coating and other finishing methods were outsourced by Karice to local vendors.