Geometric Light Earls Assembly Row

Geometric Light – Earls Assembly Row

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As a custom lighting manufacturer we get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of different lighting projects. A great example of this is the light installation at the Earls Kitchen + Bar on Assembly Row in Boston, called the Geometric Light. We were asked to manufacture this piece for Earls via a local lighting design pair, who was commissioned by Earls to design a lighting feature for their space.

It all began in December 2013, when the initial sketch by the Earls Design team was brought to Karice by the local lighting design pair. As we refined and developed it, the idea to have the lights tilt at different angles was conceived by Abigail Stephens at Earls. Brilliant! After a final design was selected, Karice began working on bringing the concept to reality. Shop drawings by Karice were approved by Earls, and Karice went to work.


Frames had to be formed, welded, and cleaned to be ready for powder coating. After welding, the corners had to be ground smooth.

Earls Assembly Row Boston Geometric Light Pre-fit installation top plan view _DSC4042 copy

For the pre-assembly of the twelve Geometric lights prior to powder coating, we suspended them on our mezzanine.


LEDs and diffusers were installed in the powder coated lighting channels.


Final assembly and testing.

After final assembly and testing, the lights were carefully packaged, crated, and shipped to their final destination at Earls Assembly Row in Boston, Massachusetts.


But it didn’t stop there! The concept for the Geometric custom light fixture was further refined for a future Earls project: the Custom light installed at Earls Tyson’s Corner in Virginia.

What we enjoy about the custom lighting industry is the challenge! Every light we manufacture is unique and different, which can present many challenges along the way, from concept to the final product. A lot of time is spent designing and developing the light fixture. In some cases, components that don’t even exist need to be designed, prototyped, tested, and produced. What Karice brings to the table is its ability to take the concept to the final product. We do all of the designing, development, and manufacturing in-house. We are able to oversee every aspect of the project to ensure a quality, stunning piece at the end of the day.