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Good Animal, Karice Enterprises collaborate to create Custom Design Pendant Lights

In December 2014, Karice was approached by Vancouver Lighting Designer, Hesam Ghaemi to collaborate with him on a new custom lighting installation for the new Earls to be built at Mall Millennia in Orlando, Florida, USA.  Hesam had a new idea for custom design pendant lights.

Two lighting designs were quoted to Good Animal in February of 2015.  Only one of Hesam’s lighting designs was selected by the Earls Design Team to be used in their new project in Orlando.

Shortly thereafter, the project was awarded to Good Animal to build fifteen new custom designed pendant lights for the new location in Orlando.  Karice was contracted by Good Animal to further design and craft the pendant lights, and to bring Hesam’s vision to life.


Karice immediately went to work to prepare the shop drawings for the project.  Round four shop drawings were approved by Earls in the fall of 2015.  In December, Karice began the process of drafting the mechanical construction drawings.  Production began shortly thereafter.

Fifteen custom design pendant luminaires were crafted by the team at Karice for the new project.  Design challenges included the sloped ceiling that the lights were to be mounted to.  An approximate angle was provided by architects.  Using this angle Karice designed a two piece canopy that was sloped as well as adjustable.  Site conditions are never what they seem, so  this was calculated into the design of the custom ceiling canopy.

Slight aesthetic design changes did occur along the way.  The back metal diffusers were originally black, and were changed to gold.  The height of the glass diffusers were modified, to suit the bulb that was eventually selected.  Everything had to be perfect for the new project, and perfect it was.  The final result was stunning.

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