Karice Hollow Tree at Harvest Haus

Harvest Haus Displays Karice Hollow Tree

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Harvest Haus displays Karice’s Hollow Tree with Retta lights at Vancouver’s largest Volksfest.

Harvest Haus displays Karice Hollow Tree, Vancouver’s largest Volkfest

From October 5 through 14, 2017, Karice’s hollow tree was on prominent display at Vancouver’s largest Volkfest, Harvest Haus.  A replica of Stanley Park’s famous 700-year-old tree, this installation was perfect for the first-century folklore celebration.

The result of a collaboration between Maurice L. Dery and Stepan Vanicek, this unique masterpiece is made from literally thousands of lineal feet of weld.  Flat strips of aluminum were cut on our OMAX waterjet machining center and then bent and tacked together in ways that seemed impossible.

Measuring 8 feet by 12 feet and 16 feet high (not including the tree branches), the hollow tree took months to build and at times Maurice wondered if he was asking too much of the aluminum.  “Metal just isn’t supposed to do this!” he would say.  In the end, each mating strip matched perfectly and the fabricated creation was identical to the 3D model.

IDS Vancouver is the first event to display our tree

First exhibited at the IDS Vancouver 2016 show, the hollow tree consists of two halves so it can be transported.  In order to install and assemble the tree we had to design and fabricate a separate aluminum tubular substructure.  It attaches to the tree with wheels, is hinged at the top – equipped with cables and a winch – and brings the two halves of the tree together. Watch this VIDEO HERE to see the stunning installation in action.

Exhibited outdoors in the evening at Harvest Haus, we made a roof for the hollow tree to make it waterproof and suspended three Retta lights inside for illumination. It was staged as a bar for the event and the hollow tree display added delight and intrigue to the massive Halle.

Karice Hollow Tree

Karice Hollow Tree on display at Harvest Haus



Karice Hollow Tree at Harvest Haus

Karice Hollow Tree at Harvest Haus

Beer is a central focus of Harvest Haus and this year’s festival featured 23 varieties including German, European, and local craft beer. There were also selections of cider, wine, and spirits.

And what would Harvest Haus be without authentic Bavarian food vendors? The two-week festival opened in Bavarian style, honouring the traditions of the Harvest and combined authentic European traditions with modern fare. The festival offered seven sittings—everything from The Stein Games (beer sports competition including Stein Pong) and Lippensynchron Battle (singing competition) to The Duelling Arts (swordplay and competitive axe throwing) and Zany Mode (costume party).

Although there’s no formal dress code, festival attendees were encouraged to don lederhosen or dirndl and drink out of steins.  Thank you to Harvest Haus and The Social Concierge for displaying our hollow tree. We sure had fun at your event!

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