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The team at Karice is out to have fun.  I mean real fun.  Who would have thought that Fireflies could become lights!

One Saturday afternoon, lead designer Maurice L. Dery was dreaming about fireflies.  How he would like to be out in nature enjoying the fresh air, and thinking of new ways to enhance his “TREE OF LIGHT”.  Our tree display was well under construction for the IDS Vancouver 2016 design show, and the idea of fireflies was a sure tie in.  So naturally, the idea came to him to create a light that would become known as Karice’s “LITTLE BUGGER”.

The body is CNC machined using solid copper round bar. The wings and the feet have been cut from solid copper sheet metal using our water jet machining center.  Once parts are soldered together, they are tumbled in our newest tumbling machine, to bring the copper to a bright shiny finish.  The finish doesn’t last though, because the air quickly oxidizes the copper to a warm orange/brown hue.

Little Bugger Firefly Light DesignDSC_3899

Once product is completed, of course it needs to be photographed.  What better place to photograph this new light design, but out in the wilds of Nature, at Redwood Park.  Karice comes complete with its own resident in house photographer J.N Dery.

Wiring the little buggers was real fun.  The coaxial cable selected for this project is so thin, that the job became a complicated  event.  Once wired, special arduino boards were programmed, so on display, the lights will glow like luminescence with varying wavelengths of light, just like they would on the real bug.  The LED bulbs were also tinted green, so a illusion of phosphorescence resulted.  Hanging on the tree, these little buggers are really at home.  Some are even crawling on the trunk.

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