Artistic Rendition of Floral Bouquet


Blending the latest in LED technology with artisan hand blown glass, and hand formed brass petals, we present BLOOM LED Pendant. An artist’s rendition of a floral light.  Group several Blooms together to have a beautiful floral bouquet of light.

The light was designed by the Karice team, lead designer Maurice L. Dery, and product developer Jordan N. Dery.


The Bloom Collection is based on an artists interpretation of a floral arrangement.  Using brass and hand blown glass.  Each piece is unique and individual.  No two lights will be alike.

The new edition of this beautiful lighting series is made using genuine and hand blown glass.

The petals of bloom are cut with precision.  Each is hand formed and heat treated to create individual beauty.

Equipped with the newest in LED technology the light engine uses a dim-to-warm COB.  The range of color temperature output is 1800k to 3000k, enabling one to set the mood for the room.

As with the fashion of Karice Lighting, we are determined to present unique one of a kind fixtures that will create timeless beauty in the home or office or where ever one want to create visual interest of light.

Handcrafted Lighting made in Canada Local to Vancouver, BC

As with all Karice product, all lights are handcrafted in our facility in South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

This new lighting design is available as part of a collection of individual pendants and or multiple pendants to create a floral bouquet of Light.

10-11″ diameter x 6″ high
Finishes: Genuine Brass, Hand Blown Glass
Line Voltage
Dim to Warm LED Pendant.