Circulus LED Pendant - Dimmable, Energy Efficient, Custom Design, Multiple Sizes

Our LED pendant an inspiration from Geometric Shapes an infinite ring of light that illuminates up and down.

The Circulus LED Pendant – Our Inspiration for This Stunning LED Pendant a Circle of Light

A circle is a closed shape in geometry.  It is a universal symbol representing infinity.

We present our new light, inspired by geometric shapes, Circulus, the symbol of infinite light.  A ring of light that illuminates 360 degrees.  Energy efficient LEDs are used in this light, pointing both up and downwards, an offering not seen in other lights in the market.

Constructed out of aluminum, the light is a unique composition when viewed from on top and below the fixture.  An entirely different spectacle is seen from underneath the light.  A stepped linear structure is crafted that offers multiple visible lines that create a visual interest to the design.

Available in 24”, 40” and 48” diameter sizes and multiple finishing options.  Our light as shown is finished in a medium bronze powder coat finish.

Specifications for Our Dimmable and Energy Efficient LED Pendant

  • Available in 24″; 40″ and 48″ diameter rings
    Various lumen output
    24 volt
    Dimmable LED


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