Da Vinci Collection - Infinity 1519 Pendant

Ringed capsule with infinite sightline

Da Vinci Collection  Infinity 1519 Pendant

The Infinity 1519 Pendant  resembles a setting sun, borrowing heavily from Renaissance-era design, and is appropriately named for the year Leonardo Da Vinci passed away.


The Da Vinci Collection is based on the challenging premise of using modern technology to create an original avant-garde suite of luminaire pieces that accurately portray the spirit of what Leonardo was doing in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.  Specifically, the objective was to reflect the mechanics of Da Vinci, and to reflect his approach in magnifying and projecting light.

The new edition of this beautiful lighting series is made using genuine brass pieces that are antiqued to reflect an old age vintage for that era.

To complete the collection, the Infinity 1519 is an avant-garde luminaire symbolizing a setting sun, as 1519 was the year Leonardo da Vinci passed away.  The ringed capsule has a seemingly endless horizon, so the sight line is infinite.  It can be displayed as a hanging pendant or suspended within  a half moon table lamp.

Handcrafted Lighting made in Canada Local to Vancouver, BC

As with all Karice product, all lights are handcrafted in our facility in South Surrey.
This new lighting design is available as part of a collection of five pieces that includes the main chandelier, a wall sconce, two table lamps and a multiple lamp pendant/chandelier.

6″ diameter x 10’0″ high
Finishes: Genuine Antique Brass, Patinated Metal
Line Voltage
x8 integral LED Lamp pendant.