Electron Wall Sconce

2016 Silver A'Design Award Winner, Lighting Design Awards Finalist and 2016 Gold winner for IDA

Reflecting the image and nature of its namesake, the award-winning Electron wall sconce luminaire represents the circular path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom. The aesthetic is minimalistic, while masking a highly innovative creation below the surface.

Made with aluminum and acrylic, the Electron’s irreducibly complex engineering hides all fasteners and wiring, and maintains the ring’s suspended independence without compromising beauty or functionality. Using dimmable energy-efficient LED technology, it illuminates from its inner and outer edges without shadowing. A custom user-friendly adapter plate mounts the fixture to ensure easy, efficient, headache-free installation.

It’s available in a variety of colour temperatures, and as a single pendant or tri-pendant mobile.

9-⅞” outside diameter
6-⅛” inside diameter
1” thick
856 lumens
12 volt
Dimmable LED