HALO Pendant Light - inspired by an Italian Prosecco

a sculptural masterpiece


The Halo pendant light chandelier is a new release of an already popular lighting design.  An Italian Proscecco was the inspiration behind the Halo light design. Due to the shape of the circuline bulb the light is resembles the bubbles found in a glass of champagne.  Because of the design, the Halo chandelier is a sculptural creation. Beauty in lighting has created this beautiful display of lighting illumination.  The Halo light chandelier was originally designed by Karice in collaboration with Matthew McCormick in September 2014. You can read all about the story of the Halo light chandelier HERE, please click to read.

Halo – Newly re-designed

In 2017/18 Karice redesigned the housing to eliminate all visible fasteners. As a result, the new Halo light chandelier offers a cleaner look than its predecessor.

A precisely machined aluminum box was designed by Karice to house the electronic ballast.  The Halo light can, therefore, fit all three sizes of a circuline bulb.

Suspended in multiples creates a fascinating display of light.  The possibilities are endless for hanging this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The Halo light chandelier is meticulously designed and thoughtfully engineered.  Because of attention to detail, lighting products by Karice are exceptional.  All lighting products by Karice, are handcrafted in the Karice facility in South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, a Canadian lighting manufacturer.

Standard offering is 8″, 12″ and 16″ diameter circuline Bulbs.  Multiple hanging configurations can be made.

Multiple finish options available.  Shown here is anodized light gold.