In preparation for the IDS Vancouver 2016 show Karice went to work in a big way to produce six brand new lighting designs.  Karice was very busy indeed to get all of the new lights designed and crafted for the show.

Mini Fuse was inspired by our OLO pendant.  We were inspired to make a slight design change, instead of rounded ends, we made flattened ends.Again, we employed the use of acrylic for the diffuser to eliminate the seismic concern one has when using glass.

Mini Fuse was designed in house by lead designer and maker Maurice L. Dery.  The light uses LED technology to promote energy efficiency.

The OLO light is almost identical to the Mini Fuse pendant.  The lighting parts that make up the light are interchangeable.

Modern, modular, and minimalist, the Mini Fuse reminds us of an automotive fuse, hence the reason for its name. What is really unique about this light is its interchangeability with our OLO light.  Switch out the ends and you have lipstick, or bullet!  The possibilities are endless with our decorative lights.  Have fun with creating unique, lighting arrangements with our decorative light fixtures.

Handcrafted Lighting made in Canada Local to Vancouver, BC

As with all Karice product, all lights are handcrafted in our facility in South Surrey.
This new lighting design enables endless finishing options.  The corner pieces can be finished in an entirely different finish from the edges, or finish them the same.

1-1/2″ diameter x 3-1/2″ high (variable hanging heights)
Finishes: Light Gold, Silver, Black,
Low Voltage
100 lumens/bulb
Dimmable on Triac