OLAH Wall Sconce

OLAH WALL SCONCE - Created in the spirit of Halo and Electron Wall Sconce

Olah wall sconce a luminaire by Karice, designed using a circuline bulb.

Olah reveals the depths of refinement. Conceived from two of Karice’s award-winning creations, Olah takes aesthetic inspiration from a previously co-designed pendant and efficient engineering from the Electron Wall Sconce to bring a new luminaire to life. The new wall sconce marries technological innovation with sleek and sophisticated design. In the spirit of the Halo and Electron, Olah illuminates on a ring without visible fasteners, giving a clean finished aesthetic. The light was conceived, created, and crafted by Maurice Dery and his team at Karice Enterprises.  What is incredibly unique about the new design is its versatility in hanging options.  The light can be mounted in four different ways.  What you receive is literally four lights in one.

The light is made from CNC machined aluminum.  The box that houses the ballast is book matched sanded to make the seam disappear.  The box halves are punch marked inside to ensure the mating half is not misaligned.  A circuline bulb is the light source, offering a bright light source for greater illumination.

8″ x 10.88-12.75” tall
Finishes: Light Gold, Silver, Black, Gold Plate
Line Voltage
1150 lumens
8″ T9 Circuline or 9″ T9 Circuline Bulb
Non-Dimmable Fluorescent