PHOENIX pendant light

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes


Phoenix rising from the ashes. Phoenix Pendant Light is a decorative light for imagining new spaces. Phoenix is a artistic representation of the mythological phoenix bird.  Hand crafted using genuine brass, and enlighten rod.  The illumination of Phoenix, results in the creation of one’s own magical environment.


Inspiration comes in many different shapes, sizes and places. Sometimes inspiration comes from the very client you are creating for.  The lights started with an idea, and evolved into the light known as Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.  Designed in 2020 for our modern and artistic collections.

The Phoenix light suspends from a simple coaxial cable.  The approximate size of the light is 21″ x 18″, although variation occurs with the specific curvature of the wings and tail.  Each bird is unique in appearance.  The wings and tail are heat treated to enable beautiful variation in coloration.  No two birds will be alike.

All lighting products are handcrafted with care and precision in our manufacturing facility in British Columbia.  As with all our creations, we are seeking to promote the outdoors and Beautiful British Columbia.

The light was designed, developed, and manufactured in Surrey, BC by the father-son design team at Karice Enterprises: Maurice and Jordan Dery.

Approximately 21″ x 18″
Finishes: Genuine Brass
Line Voltage or Low Voltage

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