Proton is our newest take on modern lighting design.  Proton, was designed to complement our Electron series, and has been finished in similar tones to 2019’s newest Pantone Color scheme.  Blazing a new trail in product development, the coral tones of our light are meant to be electrifying. The light is also offered in our standard gold, silver and black finishes, but the coral is intended for those who dare to be different.


 Tasked with designing a new fixture for a client’s very specific space, a new design was created using the look and feel of our Electron lighting series.  Proton is was the result of this project.

In the atomic world, the positively charged protons attract the negatively charged electrons. Thus, both Electron and Proton from the Karice Modern Lighting Collection are sure to present an atomically diverse attraction in any interior décor.

Like its predecessor, Proton’s aesthetic is minimalistic, while masking a highly innovative creation below the surface. Made with aluminum and acrylic, the light’s efficient engineering hides all fasteners and wiring, and maintains the oval shaped ring’s suspended independence without compromising beauty or functionality. Using dimmable energy efficient LED technology, the light illuminates from its inner and outer edges without shadowing.

The light was designed, developed, and manufactured in Surrey, BC by the father-son design team at Karice Enterprises: Maurice and Jordan Dery.


FEATURE IMAGE NOTES:  Project in Prague, Development by LOUER CZ, Photo by Tomas Dittrich, Architect Veronika Pankova

11″ x 1 x 35” tall
Finishes: Coral, Light Gold, Silver, Black, Gold Plate
Line Voltage or Low Voltage
2696 initial lumens

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