Have a look at our Shroom Pendant Light.  Karice was delighted to travel down the rabbit hole to design and create it’s Shroom Pendant Luminaire.

Shroom is a new innovative lighting design. Originally designed for the Alice in Wonderland themed bar display at IDS Vancouver 2016. The light is a piece of abstract art that has a loose artistic impression resembling a mushroom shape.

The LED pendant is composed of 30 vertical aluminum blades (gills) that are intricately held together by a cleverly designed, milled aluminum top and bottom cap. The light is illuminated from within its acrylic core as well as by downlight. Illumination is provided by 12V energy efficient LEDs. The light provides both mood and task lighting. A mesmerizing display of light is created by the cast of light as it reflects onto the aluminum blades. Each viewing angle produces a new result.

Shroom can be suspended on its own, or increase the fun by hanging a multiple arrangement of the pendants.

The Shroom light was designed and developed by Karice in August 2016, led by our master craftsman Maurice Laurent Dery.

Project specs:
The light is 584.2 mm diameter x 405.3 mm high.
Finishes available: Brasslike light gold, silver or black

Shroom LED Pendant


Aluminum and acrylic
2-foot diameter Aluminum Pendant
Energy-efficient LED illumination
Total size: 2ft x  by 16in tall

Shroom Pendant Light
Shroom Light
Shroom Pendant Light