Sprocket and chain chandelier


We wanted to create an epic project to reflect the culmination of our 23 years in business as an artisan manufacturer in the architectural metal and custom lighting industries. This has been realized in The Sprocket: a 10-ft by 10-ft LED chandelier.

Suspended by aircraft cables, The Sprocket appears to be floating in mid-air. As you’ll notice, there are no power cables or visible fasteners. It’s been designed to hide all ‘visual pollution’ to give the highest aesthetic quality.

The entire fixture is made to scale: in other words, it is actually a functioning gear. The inner 5-ft diameter steel sprocket was meticulously crafted to not only interlock with the chain but to have a finish that reflects the true “wear-and-tear” of a real sprocket.

Sprocket and chain light spec sheet


Aluminum and acrylic outer chain
5-foot diameter steel and acrylic inner sprocket
Energy-efficient LED illumination
Total diameter: 10-feet by 10-feet

Sprocket and chain light close up view
Sprocket light over red truck