In April 2016, Kalu Interiors approached us to help them collaborate on their dinner scape for the 2016 Dinner by Design show in Vancouver, BC. Kalu’s theme for this years show was “Alice In Wonderland”.  Karice couldn’t be more thrilled to travel down the rabbit hole with Kalu, to help bring their vision to life.

TIME is not only a functioning light, it is all about design.  The light is an intricate balance of gears, springs, pins and rubies (lights) as an exploded view of the inner workings of a clock.

Our newest piece “TIME” was designed in house by lead designer Maurice L. Dery.  The light is illuminated with the newest in LED COB technology, using the lights to simulate the ruby jewels found in a clock.


Aluminum and COB LEDs
3-foot diameter aluminum
Energy-efficient LED illumination
Total diameter: 3-feet