Ring Light – Circline Bulb Contemporary Light Design

Ring Light – Circline Bulb Contemporary Light Design 1024 410 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

The Ring light is a complicated piece that brings a circline bulb from the 1950s back to life with a modern and contemporary lighting design.

Our industrial design and product development for the Ring light was some of our most exhaustive to date. We were given a circline bulb and an undeveloped idea: to build a custom light feature that looked like champagne bubbles. It proved to be a formidable challenge!

It all started in September 2014. Karice sat down with a local lighting designer – and drew up some concepts of how to bring his idea to life. Before we did the industrial design, we first wanted to ensure that what we were envisioning accurately matched what he was looking for. Once our pencil drawings were approved (by the end of the meeting!), we went to work.

Karice began its development process using Auto CAD drafting to design a custom box to hold the circline bulb. Not only did it have to fit the electronic ballast, but Karice wanted to create one product for all three different sizes of circline bulbs. Our first attempt was with steel. Using our OMAX waterjet machining centre, we cut the components needed to create the box, and several prototype models were developed. After many trials, we finally came up with a CNC machined two piece aluminum box.

The final finishing details still had to be worked out. The lighting designer wanted a brass look, but brass is very expensive. To reduce costs, Karice recommended aluminum with gold anodizing. Careful attention was given to apply a fine brushed finish on all exterior surfaces of the box. The box edges were then chamfered to give an elegant fine look.

After creating the single Ring pendant, Karice’s next task was to create a chandelier fixture that mimicked the bubbles in champagne. To achieve this, Karice designed and developed a large 30-inch circular metal canopy that allowed ten pendants to hang simultaneously. Using various sizes of circline bulbs at varying heights, Karice created the final fixture that showcased in the Bottega VIP Lounge at IDS West 2014.

All fixture and industrial design, product and component development, manufacturing, and certification of the non-dimmable light were completed by Karice at its facility in Surrey (near Vancouver, BC, Canada). Powder coating and anodizing were outsourced by Karice to local vendors.