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New Vintage Custom LED lighting design –  Vintage and modern team up to create the new lighting installation at the Romer’s Burger Bar in Port Moody.  Four brand new lighting concepts were brought to life by the team at Karice.  The end result was stunning, adding to the warmth and glow of this new dining location on Morrissey road.  Our ROMERS project page shows more pictures of these custom lights made for this location.

CUSTOM LIGHTING for Romer’s Burger Bar in Port Moody – Karice and CLO Design collaborate.

Robert Clark of CLO Design in Seattle contacted Karice when trying to source lighting for the new ROMERS Burger Bar in Port Moody.  The lighting concepts were drawn up by Robert, and Karice immediately fell in love.  Karice has been working with CLO Design for years, and has always loved what they come up with.  They are innovators in their own right.  To work on this new restaurant location was exciting, and we couldn’t wait to get started.

The look and feel of the restaurant has a vintage appeal.  We loved it.  As you enter into the front door one is greeted by two large starburst style chandeliers.  Each light is equipped with vintage edison style LED bulbs.  The lights are huge at a 5ft diameter globe shape.

In the dining area two large 5ft diameter chandeliers were made.  Each light has (x24) candelabra bulbs.  Feit Electric’s new edison LED Bulbs were perfect for the light.  Feit has done an amazing job on reproducing the warm glow of the incandescent bulbs.

The six booth tables have a steel pendant light that hangs over each location.  The steel shades were made with thin gauge mild steel, and were left with a natural steel finish.  Each shade was coated with a clear epoxy finish to preserve the look.  Each steel pendant is illuminated with a single edison LED bulb.

Upstairs in the Growler room is an inviting space for sitting at the bar.  Three large rings and custom 8-lamp chandeliers were meticulously installed on the ceiling on the mezzanine level.


Romer's Custom Lighting

Romer’s Burger Bar Custom lighting Design. Collaboration with CLO Design

Romer's Burger Bar Custom Steel Pendants

Custom Steel Pendants for Romers

Custom Lighting Design by Karice

Custom lighting created for Romers by Karice

Custom Steel Pendant lights for Romers by Karice

Custom Steel Pendants for Romer’s Burger Bar by Karice




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