SHROOMS – Design Lighting for IDS Bar

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SHROOMS! – WHAT? Are we crazy?

Kalu Interiors approached Karice in April 2016 to help them with their IDS Vancouver Central Bar Display.  The theme planned was “Alice In Wonderland”.  “What, how can this be?” we told Aleem “we are already there, our display booth is to be a whimsical theme, as we are designing and building the “TREE OF LIGHT”.

Karice was delighted to travel down the rabbit hole with Kalu to design and craft the lights for the Kalu central bar.  We were given the project carte blanche, so this is when the real fun began.  Lead designer at Karice, Maurice Dery, began contemplating the story of Alice In Wonderland.  One night, while sitting in the bathtub, design innovations began to populate the mind of our master designer.  The idea of huge mushrooms began to take shape.  And so began the journey to create the lights that showcased at the IDS Vancouver 2016 Show.

Our process began drafting ideas on AutoCAD inventor and AutoCAD drafting.  Preliminary sketches included a hammered copper dome.  Conscious of the heavy weight of the concept, the design eventually morphed into an aluminum composition.  The Gills in a mushroom are always a strong identifiable part of a mushroom.  The gills in a mushroom heavily influenced our final design for our Shroom Light.

Using thin gauge aluminum shapes, the mushroom gills, thirty in all, were cut on our OMAX waterjet machining center.  Specially designed tops and bottoms were created that would enable the gills to be mounted on to a center column.  The light is illuminated using energy efficent LEDs.

Once illuminated, the light becomes an interesting play of lighting.  The inner core of the fixture, glowing a warm color temperature casts and interesting play of shadows on the gills.  A down light is also incorporated into the design to provide functionally lighting.
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Once product is completed, of course it needs to be photographed.  What better place to photograph this new light design, but at the IDS Vancouver 2016 Design Show.  Our in house resident photographer, Jordan, managed to capture the essence of these beauties with exceptional display.

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