Sprocket LED Chandelier

The Sprocket

The Sprocket 1024 576 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Introducing Maurice Dery’s Sprocket

How many 10-foot by 10-foot (3m x 3m) chandeliers showcase 37 years of experience, while incorporating one-of-a-kind energy efficient lighting technology?  Only one.  The Sprocket is the culmination of Maurice Dery’s career as an industrial artisan.  Maurice wanted to create an epic project to reflect his custom lighting design expertise, while highlighting his architectural metalworking experience.  The Sprocket reflects just that.

Karice Sprocket and Chain LED Chandelier

Sprocket and Chain Industrial Chandelier

The gigantic LED chandelier is a functioning gear, made to scale.  The inner 5-ft diameter steel sprocket was meticulously crafted to not only interlock with the chain but to have a finish that reflects the true wear-and-tear of a real sprocket.  The outer aluminum chain has been built in modules, so it can be as long or short as desired.  Both the chain and sprocket have acrylic facing, illuminated by dimmable energy-efficient LEDs.

Suspended by aircraft cables, the Sprocket appears to be floating in mid-air.  As you’ll notice, there are no power cables or visible fasteners.  It’s been designed to hide all ‘visual pollution’ to give the highest aesthetic quality.  

Karice lighting technology

Innovative Lighting Technology

To create this innovative lighting fixture, Karice had to invent its own lighting system.  The light is powered and supported by one-of-a-kind lighting technology invented by Karice.

This is the type of innovation Maurice Dery and the team at Karice Enterprises are known for.  When technology or components don’t exist, they create them!  This love for creating the “impossible” is the essence of the Sprocket.  It’s why Karice exists.

Karice Sprocket and Chain Light over red truck

West Coast Canadian Design and Manufacturing

Vancouver is increasingly becoming a world-renowned design hub. This is a well-known fact. What is less known is that manufacturing on Canada’s West Coast is alive and well! Karice is proudly producing 100% Canadian-made products every day. (And our recent awards at the largest and most prestigious global competitions speaks to the quality of what’s being made here in the Vancouver area.)