Tractor Foods Custom Lighting Olympic Village

Tractor Foods – New Location at the Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC

Tractor Foods – New Location at the Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC 600 448 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

New lighting design for Tractor Foods – Dave Wong of WHG Design and Karice Enterprises collaborate to provide custom lighting for Tractor Foods.

WHG Design and Karice Enterprises – Work Together for a Design Collaboration to provide a new and Innovative Lighting Design for the newest Tractor Foods location on Quebec Street.

In late 2015 Dave Wong of WHG Design and Steve and Meghan Clark, owners of Tractor Foods came to the Karice facility to investigate lighting for their new  location set to open in early 2016.  Karice was able to show everyone, the seamless process that Karice provides to their customers to accomplish the task of a new custom lighting installation.

In January 2016, we were presented with initial design concepts for the new location.  The original design for the location included ten single linear LED lights suspended at differing, angular dimensions.  In the end, Dave changed the design to be a single rectangular fixture that was 28ft x 7ft wide.  Karice was able to use its very own custom aluminum extrusion to create the lighting masterpiece that resides at the Olympic Village location in Vancouver.  Using extra bright LEDs, we were able to provide lighting that would illuminate the entire restaurant.

Custom seismic bracing had to be engineered and desgined to meet the strict requirements of residing in a seismic zone.  The owners of Tractor didn’t want to see aircraft cable bracing, so a system of metal flat bars was developed to accomplish the task.

Tractor Foods Custom Lighting

Tractor Foods Custom Lighting. Designed and Crafted by Karice. Design collaboration with WHG Design

Tractor Foods Olympic Village Custom Lighting

Tractor Foods Custom Lighting Installation

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