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Are you a highly skilled architectural metalworker? Know someone who is? Karice is hiring architectural metal welder/fabricators, and skilled lighting assembly workers.

1.  Architectural Metal Welder/Fabricators: Job Description

Every day is different! As a custom manufacturer, one project to the next can be vastly different. The ideal candidate will enjoy this diversity, and themselves have a diverse set of practical skills outside of the metal trade.

Not only will the candidate have expertise in architectural metalwork, ornamental iron work, welding, fabricating, grinding, and working with sheet metal, but the candidate will enjoy applying other disciplines to their work. At times, other skills – such as machining components or wiring lights – may fit into a days work. The ideal candidate will appreciate and value the diversity of tasks.

At the end of the day, we build really cool stuff! The selected candidate will love that mandate, and enthusiastically look to contribute in any way possible.

Experience and Qualifications for Welder/Fabricator

The candidate must have…

1) A background in ALL of the following and Red Seal certification in at least one of the following:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Ornamental iron work
  • Sheet metalworking
  • Welding

2) Able to read and interpret AutoCAD renderings
3) Mechanically inclined, having an understanding of how things work and fit together
4) Computer-literate and fluent in Windows operating systems
5) Minimum 5 years related experience.
6) A valid drivers license is required. Forklift license an asset, but not required.

2.  Lighting Assembly Workers: Job Description

We are hiring assemblers and shop helper to assist in the build of lighting fixtures from the Karice product line and custom lighting projects.  Every day is different! As a custom manufacturer, one project to the next can be vastly different. The ideal candidate will enjoy this diversity, and themselves have a diverse set of practical skills to assist them in their job duties.

Experience and Qualifications

The candidate must have…

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Fine motor skills
  • Attention and eye for details
  • Time management skills
  • Experience in electrical assembly
  • Experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Self Motivated
  • Good interpersonal skills and a team player

Required Traits of All Karice Employees

Above all else, we are looking for someone who is passionate about developing technically functional and aesthetically beautiful custom lighting and custom metal products. This passion is fueled by an obsession with excellence. The selected candidate will not need to be told when their work is not up to standard, as they have such an eye for detail and an inner standard of excellence that they will know whether or not a product is of the highest quality.

Additionally, the candidate will be:

  • Creative: continually pushing innovative boundaries
  • Efficient: always seeking the most cost-effective and time-saving method to work, without compromising quality standards
  • Detailed: obsessed with excellence, knowing the difference between good and great is in the little details
  • Amiable: a team player who is easy to work with
  • Versatile: having a diverse skillset
  • Flexible: willing to work on a wide variety of projects
  • Teachable: eager to learn and open to feedback

Why a Career at Karice?

The variety and creative at Karice is hard to match. For the true craftsperson, Karice is a place to let your skillset come to life. Those who find fulfillment in their work will love it here! (9-to-5ers need not apply!)

Karice is a passion. The work we do is art, while at the same time sophisticated and highly innovative. We are absolutely obsessed with excellence, so much so that “good” workmanship doesn’t leave the shop. It must be exceptional. Every time. What we design and manufacture is ranked as some of the very best in the world. Therefore, everyone who works here must have the same passion for technically functional and aesthetically beautiful workmanship. Every team member must embody an obsession for excellence.

We are also very down-to-earth. Our culture is team-oriented, entrepreneurial, and organic. We believe in embracing innovation and pushing creative boundaries. This happens most effectively as a team, in an open and frank environment. This is the culture you can expect at Karice.

How to Apply

Email resumes to [email protected] or fax 604-542-7157  Please note: for resumes to be considered, they must include a portfolio of work (i.e. Pictures of your workmanship).