Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers – Choose a Custom Lighting Manufacturer

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If you are wondering where to buy crystal chandeliers, there are many places you could try. At Karice, we cater to restaurants, retail spaces and establishments who need an artisan manufacturer to make their vision become a reality. We have quite a large list of custom lighting projects to date. As you can see, we haven’t made any crystal chandeliers but please do send us your project idea and we will let you know if it is something we can do. You may wish to collaborate with our in house Designer & Machinist, Jordan Dery to come up with something that is unique to you.

Crystal Chandeliers are an Elegant and Timeless Lighting Solution

As you know, crystal chandeliers are among some of the most elegant and ornate lighting fixtures in the lighting world. Because of the prisms that crystals make, they are classic pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Benefits of Buying Quality, Genuine Crystal Chandeliers from a Custom Lighting Manufacturer

You may wish to skip on looking for cheap chandeliers for sale on eBay or your local home improvement / lighting store for your establishment.

If you have tried to shop online on places like eBay or your offline at your local lighting or home improvement store, chances are they use imitation crystals. Not only that, but quite often there are large production runs where quality is sacrificed. You may want to seek out specialty or custom lighting manufacturers like Karice so that your lighting will work correctly, last for a long time and you’ll even have the added bonus of being able to customize your chandelier to suit your space.

Fun fact: Karice is the only manufacturing company that can build very large chandeliers

We can build many shapes including round, oval, geometric, teardrop pendants or just about anything that your imagination can come up with.

The expertise and ability to fabricate chandelier parts at Karice means you won’t have to worry about the final product falling short of expectations, both design and performance-wise. We produce quality craftsmanship in all of our products.

Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers and Chandelier Parts

If you are looking for crystal chandelier parts, depending on what you need to replace, we may be able to help. Coming to us may be an option, especially if you have purchased an expensive piece or many chandeliers where you haven’t been able to find parts for. We might be able to fabricate parts for you, and restore your chandelier or chandeliers to correct working order.

Our brilliance really lies in creating custom works of art, however, we will take on certain projects from time to time where parts may be needed to be fabricated. An example project is where we fabricated two different types of custom loupes and designed our own thread for a local boat company.

Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers – Contact Us About Our Chandeliers for Sale Today

We hope that this article has helped you choose where to buy crystal chandeliers and invite you to contact us to see if we may be able to take on your project. We have over 30 years of experience as a Canadian manufacturer and all of our master craftsmen are Red Seal Certified. Call us at 604-542-7137 or send us an email today!