SPHERES - Bronze Sculpture Lighting Art

A Collaboration Marie Khouri x Karice

SPHERES – Bronze Sculptural Lighting Art

The Spheres are unique bronze sculptures by world famous artist and sculptor Marie Khouri.   Marie wishing to expand the uses of her pieces, teamed up with Maurice Laurent Dery of Karice to create a new magical lighting collection titled Spheres.



Vancouver-based sculptor, Marie Khouri, represents the broad multi cultural and diverse demographic of Western Canada. Born in Egypt and raised in Lebanon, Khouri has developed a vast range of cultural and historical influences within her practice. With a childhood interrupted during the Lebanese Civil War, Khouri was relocated to Spain, Italy and Canada, finally settling in Paris where she was classically trained in sculpture at l’École du Louvre. On her return to Vancouver, a retrospective of her life took form in her sculpture, reflecting a passion for innovation and spontaneity.


Hailing from a French-Canadian Background, whose family line can be traced back to some of the first settlers in Quebec from the 1600’s. Maurice was born on the Prairies, and moved to the Vancouver area 34 years ago.  Designing and building resonate at the very core of his being.  Product development, design and engineering are what Maurice does besides being a hypercritical perfectionist when it comes to fabrication and execution.  With the Spheres, additional steps were chosen to incorporated the newest and greatest in LED technology.

Handcrafted Lighting made in Canada Local to Vancouver, BC

As with all Karice product, all lights are handcrafted in our facility in South Surrey. Sculptures by Marie Khouri.
This new lighting design is available as a collaboration .  Each Bronze Sculpture, hand perfected by Marie herself.  Each sculpture is a unique creation.  No two will be alike.  Cast out of genuine bronze, the pieces will be heirlooms for many future generations to come.

Spheres are various sizes 3″ diameter x 9.5″ Diameter
Finishes: Genuine Bronze, Patinated Bronze Tubes
Low Voltage
Integral Dim-to-Warm LED illumination