FUSE LED Pendant - Dimmable, Energy Efficient, Custom Design

Our FUSE LED pendant an inspiration for simplified lighting design

The FUSE LED Pendant 

Inspired by an Automotive fuse, the FUSE LED pendant light is a representation of an illuminated fuse.  The Fuse is lit vertically, and diffused with an acrylic cylindrical shade.  An MR11 LED bulb provides task lighting, with directional down lighting.

The light is suspended by a thin aircraft cable looking wire, making the light to appear to be floating in the air.

The light can be finished in black, silver or gold anodized finish.  The LEDs are available in alternate color temperatures and are dimmable.

Specifications for Our Dimmable and Energy Efficient LED Pendant

  • 2″ diameter x 16-7/16″ tall
    856 + 120 lumens
    12 volt
    Dimmable LED


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