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Crofton House School Railings

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Crofton House School Railings.

Crofton House School is a prestigious private girls school in Vancouver, BC.  It is located in the neighbourhood of Kerrisdale in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is a university-preparatory school for girls that is ranked first in British Columbia, according to Fraser Institutes school rankings.

Our client contacted us to build a custom railings for Crofton House School in Vancouver.  We were honored to be able to work on this high profile project.

Railings were designed by John Verchomin of Cornerstone Architecture in Vancouver.  General contractor, Haebler, employed the services of Karice to supply and install the architectural metalwork components of the new school expansion.

Another key area of the project was the terrazo flooring that was installed in the entrances of the school.  Two 12ft diameter aluminum frameworks were manufactured by Karice to enable the flooring company to complete the task.  The end result was a beautiful flooring feature.

The main feature in this project was the striking curved dual staircase in the foyer.  The metal work marrying with the architectural millwork details casts an element of interest in the design.

Railings were made for both the interior and exterior areas of the project expansion.

Have a look at the photos, I’m sure you will agree that the railings in this school are stunning.

Interior and Exterior Railings. Framework for 12ft diameter Terrazzo Floor Detail

Contact Karice to design the perfect architectural metalwork.

Tractor Foods West Broadway Street in Vancouver

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Linear lights are crafted for Vancouver’s every day healthy foods restaurant chain.  Tractor Foods opened their fifth restaurant on West Broadway Street in Vancouver in January 2018. Once again Dave Wong of WHG Design and Karice collaborate to create the custom lighting that lights up the restaurant. The design is simply random suspension of eight linear lights.   The linear design elements were carried out through the entire restaurant.

The end result is spectacular.  WHG does it again.  The artwork is a custom piece by an artist out of California, purchased by the owner for the new location . Simplistic in design, yet functional to provide the lumens required to light the space, we were thrilled  with how the project turned out.

Be sure to visit Tractor Food’s newest location, healthy eating is where its at.

Tractor Foods on West Broadway Street in Vancouver . Karice designed and built eight linear lights.

The lights are suspended at varying angles to create visual interest.

Enjoy your visit to the new Tractor foods on West Broadway, and indulge in the healthy eats.

Brass Lights Blubird

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The incredibly talented team at Box Interior Designs commissioned Karice to collaborate on their lighting design for the new Blubird Clothing store on Alberni Street in Vancouver. Brass lights were designed and created for this beautiful store. A beautiful bird cage concept was presented by the Box Team, and we were thrilled to be a part of that vision. Additionally, three custom brass pendants are suspended over the custom curved brass mirror frame.

The store looks amazing.  Box had created a sure winner in their vision for this retail outlet.

The main feature piece in the store is Brass Lights. The designers at box envisioned a Brass Birdcage Chandelier. The birdcage is made with genuine brass round bars, and is suspended from a single canopy that will support the weight of the chandelier. Hand blown glass was chosen to diffuse the LED bulbs that illuminate each of the nine pendants. Originally two of the pendants hung below the brass cage. This gave the artistic piece and original look and random appeal.

Enjoy your visit to the new Bluebird on Alberni Street, and feast your eyes on the sought-after international collections that curate an exclusive assortment of luxury clothing, accessories and beauty products. The new store is located at 1108 Alberni Street, in Vancouver British Columbia.

The Blubird on 1108 Alberni Street in Vancouver . Karice in collaboration with Box Interiors, designed and built a large brass bird cage chandelier, custom brass pendants and a brass screen for a mirror. Another brass feature piece was also installed into the retail outlet.

The birdcage feature is a delight to behold The lights are suspended at varying heights within the cage, and to create additional visual interest, the pendants protrude below the cage. In the final install, the protruding lights had to be shortened so as not to be at a hanging height that would interfere with the clients.

Enjoy your visit to the new Bluebird on Alberni Street, and feast your eyes on the sought-after international collections that curate an exclusive assortment of luxury clothing, accessories and beauty products.

Faceted Ring Lights for Cactus Club

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Faceted Ring Pendant Lighting Fixtures

The production of this light was a collaborative effort in 2014 between a lighting designer, Earl’s Design Team and Karice.


Kitchen Island Pendant for Echo Island

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Kitchen Island Pendant
Located in West Vancouver Echo Island for HB Design’s client.

In collaboration with a North Vancouver based interior Design Firm HB Design, Karice Lighting was commissioned to design, develop, and make a custom pendant light for their client in West Vancouver.  The clients home kitchen renovation, allowed for the introduction of a custom lights, envisioned by the design team at HB.

The fixture is a fabricated metal shade.  Approximately 5ft long with exposed LED Filament bulbs that were used for illumination.

The kitchen island pendant was mounted over the kitchen island, creating a statement of beauty and illumination.

What is the process for designing a custom light?  The process starts with a concept, or an idea.  Designers will often bring their ideas to Karice to design and develop a light for their project.   The process is rewarding to see an idea come to life.

Having adequate lighting in a kitchen is a must.  

If your client has a kitchen island, opt for task lighting – for example pendant lights – to make cutting and preparing food easier. You can also install undercabinet lighting for the same purpose, but make sure you choose either a diffused light source to avoid reflected glare on shiny countertops, or LED lighting for matte surfaces.

In this kitchen design, the decorative element was important.  LED filament bulbs were selected for their longevity and appearance.  Bulb manufacturers have done an excellent job of recreating bulbs from a vintage era.

The finish chosen for this light is a genuine antique brass finish.  The result is stunning.  The organic finish is a lasting product of beauty.  The inside of the light was left as a natural brass to better reflect the light from the bulbs.  Natural sisal rope was wrapped ar0und the rigid drop tubes to further enhance the vintage appeal of the project.

Be sure to visit HB DESIGN

Earls Glenarm (Denver)

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Karice manufactured and design engineered a wide variety of lights for Earls Glenarm location in Denver, CO: an original brass & steel swivel light, an inverted pendant concept for the main dining area, a faceted ring light and large custom circular lights for the banquet room.

For the custom lights Earls Denver, the project began as a design collaboration between Earls design, Karice and a local lighting designer.   In order to bring the client’s brass and steel lighting concept to life, we had to create an original swivel – made of brass (one of the hardest materials to work with). This was a fun challenge, that we believe turned out great (and so does the client!).

For the inverted pendant lights in the dining room, Karice had to design and develop a custom lamp holder to install two T8 incandescent show case bulbs vertically. A quantity of ten, five lamp pendants were made for this location. The bulbs were suspended a three different elevations.

The custom lights Earls Denver were a huge success.  We were thrilled with the end result.



Earls Mapleview (Burlington)

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1 Custom Chandelier
The classic Earls (Wagon Wheel we gotta come up with a better name) light in black (x3) made with (x15) bulbs each

2 Custom Chandelier
Three custom chandeliers in dining area. Each 4’6” diameter. Wires hung in a swagged fashion to create an interesting look. Chandelier each had (x30 bulbs utilizing antique black socket, wire cages and edison bulbs.

3 Custom Table Lamps
Bronzed custom glass shades, antique black sockets, edison bulbs. (Marconi filament bulbs)

Darc #29 Resurrecting Da Vinci

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Darc Resurrecting da Vinci

The Da Vinci lighting collection from Karice Enterprises in Canada is inspired by one question: “If Leonardo were alive today, how would he incorporate 21st Century technology into his designs?” Developed and manufactured in Surrey, BC, by father-son design duo Maurice and Jordan Dery, the Da Vinci collection demanded a reverence for history and a resurrection of centuries-old lighting methodology. Unlike anything the designers had created in the past, the collection’s theme revolves around machine gears, along with magnifiers that are used to intensify the light sources to mirrors, which then re-direct the light to the wall or floor.

Karice Enterprises was born in 1993 after Maurice grew tired of working for other people and while at first he concentrated on architectural metalwork for the hospitality industry it wasn’t long before he took Karice into the world of lighting. “I was approached by Robert Clark of CLO Design in Seattle, Washington, who insisted I go into lighting,” Dery tells darc. “We had worked together for years in architectural design and fabrication and there was a market for custom lighting in restaurant chains – such as Milestones and Earls, so I made the move and it captivated me.

Working with restaurant chains, conceptual sketches were supplied to me, which I would then engineer and design to be physical manifestations of the concept, while still being a fully functional fixture.” As a child, Dery was always building and designing and had a knack for fabrication, albeit an industrial one. Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, once Dery finished high school he followed in his father’s footsteps to become an iron-worker – advancing quickly, he was one of a few first year apprentices to climb the columns – a job usually reserved for the more experienced. While slinging iron and walking beams was a fun vocation, it was also dangerous and so he decided to switch professions to a machinist.

“In my own small way I have always related to Da Vinci,” Dery says. “He wasn’t just an ideas guy. He was a creator, a builder and it’s because of this that I have always related to him – I am both a designer and a builder. I was trained as a craftsman; I am an ironworker and a machinist. But at the same time, I have always been an inventor, with an unquenchable passion to create challenging, awe-inspiring pieces. Call it ‘functional art’ if you will. “I have a mind for innovative, efficient engineering. For decades, that’s what people have come to me for. But at heart, I am a traditionalist. I have great respect for the past and the classics. I believe this is what we see when studying the life of Da Vinci. He wasn’t only a forward-thinker, he had a firm hand on the past, which is why he was so effective in helping bridge the gap between the Medieval and industrial worlds.”

Using the latest in lighting, machining and metalwork technology, the Da Vinci collection brings the Italian Renaissance back to life, in avant-garde form. “The Leonardo 1482 is like nothing ever seen,” Dery says. “It very much reflects the Renaissance era, but uses technology that wasn’t in existence even a few years ago.

Darc Resurrecting da Vinci.

Taste of Life September 2019 Page 24

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Taste of Life Magazine – Heart Song

TOL OLO Pendant

Taste of Life Magazine – Heart Song  September 2019

The artisans at Karice pride themselves on being able to turn the most imaginative and far-fetched ideas into tangible works of art.

One customer wanted a huge lighting fixture with industrial appeal.  Karice created an 11-by-45-foot chandelier including faux piping and elegant, yet cage-like metal light coverings.

Karice’s artisans have made glowing rings that appear to float in thin air, illuminating 360 degrees. They’ve crafted an artistic replica of a famous ancient tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, using ingenuity to make aluminum do things they weren’t sure were possible.

We love the OVAL shape, and chose to make a light using the oval shape.  Hence, OLO arrived.  We employed the use of acrylic for the diffuser to eliminate the seismic concern one has when using glass.

OLO was designed in house by lead designer and maker Maurice L. Dery.  The light uses LED technology to promote energy efficiency.

The OLO light is almost identical to the Mini Fuse pendant.  The lighting parts that make up the light are interchangeable.

– Maurice L. Dery,  Karice Lighting

Western Living Magazine March 2019

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Western Living Magazine March 2019

Western Living Magazine features a project by Form Collective. One Material, Two Directions The oversized island in this Vancouver kitchen needed a large light fixture to match, so a grand chandelier was custom fabricated by Karice Lighting from the same material as the minimalist hood vent. “Using a matching finish allowed the fixture to be a statement on its own, while still being complementary,” says Josephina Serra of Form Collective, who designed the space alongside colleague Lauren Webb. But while the lighting design is a true statement piece, the matching hood is actually intended to play a supporting role. “Though they’re both the same powder-coated metal, the idea was the hood fan would be understated in order for it to not compete with the stone backsplash,” Serra says.  And what a backsplash it is: lime-green onyx from Aeon Stone and Tile, a playful, modern take on the marble trend—definitely no wallflower. “We were lucky to have a client who wasn’t afraid of colour.”