Custom Lighting Manufacturer Canada - Lighting Fixtures, Small and Large Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Sconces, Street Lights

Leading custom lighting manufacturer Canada – When it comes to lighting design, the sky’s the limit… and we love to push that limit! We take an unconventional approach by exploring what’s never been done before, on every project. This is reflected in our diverse portfolio of creative and innovative lighting. Any concept can be brought into existence. We sincerely believe that, and have spent over two decades proving it. We can turn your lighting designs and concepts into reality. From lighting fixtures to small and large chandeliers to pendants to wall sconces and street lights, we can build it all.

Types of Businesses that We Build Custom Lighting For – Restaurants, Stores, Showrooms, Hotels or Any Space that You’d Like to Embellish

We build custom lighting for many types of businesses and spaces. Our custom lighting ensures that you’ll get a perfect fit in style and function for your space. Here are some spaces where we can build custom lights for:

  • Restaurant lighting
  • Retail store lighting
  • Showroom lighting
  • Hotel lighting
  • etc

Our Custom Lighting Work Can be Seen Throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, Across Canada and in the United States of America

We’re able to design, fabricate / manufacture and install lighting in many different locations. Our custom lighting work can be seen throughout Canada and in the USA:

  • Custom lighting Greater Vancouver AreaAcross Canada
  • Custom Lighting America

Custom Lighting Projects – Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Hanging Ceiling Pendants, Street Lights or Anything You Wish to Create

Check out some of our custom lighting projects. We have built many different things for a wide variety of spaces. If you would like to enhance your establishment, lighting can help you create amazing ambiance which will delight your patrons / customers / clients.

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We have been in business for over 30 years and are a leading custom lighting manufacturer Canada. At Karice creativity, quality craftsmanship, high end technology, state of the art machines, environmentally friendly materials and fast turnaround times make us trusted in the lighting and metalwork manufacturing industry. Please contact us for more information.